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AF Gruppen reap the rewards following CADshare implementation at CDE.

Our objective at CADshare is to make spare parts identification and ordering as seamless as possible for both the OEM and their customers. So it was a great delight to speak with Sturla Sørhøy, Managing Director at Rimol miljøpark. Sturla is responsible for the operation of two facilities in Norway that process construction and demolition waste from projects being carried out by their colleagues at AF Gruppen. Each site uses a CDE plant to process the waste material into valuable products for use in new construction projects.

A loyal customer for over 10 years, Sturla has a lot to say about the quality and capabilities of his CDE plants. But he often had difficulty ordering spare parts from them. A very manual process, he typically started the ball rolling with a phone call to the service technician assigned to the plant. Sturla told us:

As the technician was often travelling, it could be 2 or 3 days until I successfully made contact. Then there was to-and-fro between myself, the service technician and the engineering department back in Ireland to firstly identify the parts I needed and then to ensure I was ordering the right version of the part for my plant. This process could take up to 7 days until I had an accurate quote that enabled me to place an order.

That has all changed with the implementation of CADshare on the project. Now Sturla can get direct access to a 3D representation of the plant online and identify the parts within minutes. No need to call the technician, and he can log in whenever he needs to. And because CADshare is data-driven, both he and CDE know it is accurate. This means he can identify the parts himself and the CDE CustomCare team can provide a quote directly without needing engineering support.

In fact, just last week Sturla managed to identify his parts, receive a quote and place an order within 7 minutes.

From 7 days down to 7 minutes with CADshare. And with plans underway to automate ordering through ERP implementation, Sturla can look forward to even bigger time savings to come.

The benefits don’t end there. There was often confusion when Surla needed to order parts for the second plant he is responsible for. Located in a remote part of Norway, he was reliant on his local team to identify the parts they needed and accurately communicate the information to him. This often led to delay and even the wrong parts being ordered as something got lost in the complex technical discussion between himself and his colleagues at the other plant.

Now, Sturla simply communicates with his colleagues on CADshare to identify the parts together. Both parties can join a collaborative session that allows them to navigate the 3D model together, making sure they are all on the same page. This has eliminated and confusion, removing delay and minimising the risk of ordering the wrong parts.

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