“Exceeding customer expectations is not enough – what impacts customer loyalty is minimal customer effort”
Blake Morgan, Forbes.com

In an increasingly competitive market, differentiation of your product on features and benefits is becoming more and more difficult. Your customers are looking at their purchase in terms of the entire lifecycle of their new plant & equipment, and customer experience is having a huge impact on their purchasing decisions.

Aftermarket requires innovation

Not surprisingly, how you run your aftermarket services is a critical aspect of this. Customers are tired of the same reactive processes and less willing to devote so much time to get their parts. They are looking for innovation around the whole parts buying process, to ensure they get the right parts delivered to the right place at the right time. How you engage your customers to get them spare parts can affect not just spare parts sales, it can also slow down original equipment sales cycles or even lose you the deal.

And your customers expectations are changing. When I talk to manufacturers about bringing their parts ordering online, some people believe that their customers are “not that technical” and prefer to call a parts hotline. I wonder if the same customers are still going into the bank to check their balance or pay their bills? No, they’re not. Expectations are changing fast. What customers really want is a cohesive process that allows them to order their parts as quickly and easily as possible, with support available when they need it.

Effortless spare parts identification

With CADshare, we are relentless in making your customers purchasing experience as effortless as possible. We give them the confidence to know that they are ordering the parts that they need and that they will get them faster than ever before. And we give you the backend system to make sure you can deliver on those expectations.

So everyone is a winner – especially your sales guys who are differentiating your products on not just features, but a better customer experience. And that’s priceless.

Give your sales team the edge and get in contact with us to find out more information, or book a demo.

7 August 2018 by