Sector: Mining & Mineral Processing

MMD design and manufacture a range of equipment for the Mining and Mineral Processing industry, capable of processing 80 different materials in over 70 countries. Their range of products includes unit process equipment such as sizers and feeders, and mobile equipment for in-pit sizing and conveying.

In fact, the MS1 fully mobile in-pit sizer was the largest in the world when delivered and comissioned in Australia, with a throughput capacity of 10,000 tph, hitting peaks of over 15,000 tph. That’s a lot of rock being processed by a mobile machine!

Undoubtably the leader in their industry and a long history of engineering excellence, MMD realised that their customer service didn’t quite match the standards they were setting with their equipment. Identifying and ordering spares was a complex process for their customers, requiring multiple touch points to get a quote that accurately reflected the equipment they were operating. As is often the case, workflows had evolved over time to ensure that the right parts were generally supplied but the process was onerous both for the customer and for the MMD team – leading to delays on part shipments. As each project was customised, the overhead for MMD to create parts books for each machine was huge. Even with dedication to getting the data right, they were never satisfied with the experience the customer had when ordering spare parts.

CADshare has transformed all that. The spare parts and engineering teams are working side by side to create accurate and intuitive 3D part ordering experiences for their customers in a fraction of the time it used to take to create a parts book. Because CADshare can seamlessly link CAD data to a central parts database, most of the work is automated for them. And with work now started on integration with their ERP system, soon the ordering process will be seamless with little or no human input required to ensure the customers get the right parts, first time, every time.

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