How it Works

So, how exactly does CADshare turn your data into an easy-to-use online hub for aftermarket sales and service?

We break it down all down in detail on this page so you can see:

The data we need from you and how we process, enrich, and protect it.

The extensive range of content creation and publishing options available.

E-commerce and automation options, and how they can integrate with existing systems.

Our step by step process from defining your project, right through to implementation, training, and ongoing operational support.


The CADshare data environment is a crucial part of what makes our system unique. Our architecture and data processing provides a robust, secure and highly configurable system that accelerates content creation and spare part order management – leaving your experienced team to focus on more value-added tasks.

Data Schema/Architecture
Supported data formats
Data Quality – How good does my data need to be?

Content Creation & Publishing

As well as streamlining data management, CADshare provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enable fast and reliable content creation and publication. Our system ensures your customers experience a fast, accurate and enjoyable experience when identifying parts and only gain access to the data they need for their specific equipment.

3D Parts Content
2D Parts Content
Maintenance Documentation
Linking your data
Publication – bringing it all together

Order Management

With CADshare providing an accurate and intuitive part identification experience for your customers, a strong foundation is set for you to build your ordering system on. With confidence that your customers are identifying and ordering the right parts, you can automate as little or as much of the ordering process as you want to, from a flexible quotation system through to a full e-commerce type automated solution.

An Online Quotation Engine
Automated Purchasing

Automate and Accelerate with Integrations & APIs

CADshare delivers world class customer support and ensures your customers can easily identify and order spare parts from accurate 3D data. With the confidence that the right parts are being identified, OEMs have a huge opportunity to automate or accelerate their spare parts ordering process by integrating data flows from their existing ERP or MRP systems.

By connecting these systems, your purchasing procedure can be fully automated, including instant quotations and order creation. Or you may opt to use the data internally, ensuring a speedy quotation process that still gets reviewed by your staff before being issued. Whichever way you choose to implement, integration can provide a step change in your customer service and free up internal resource.

Business Data – ERP
Engineering Data – CAD/PLM
User Data – Single Sign On

Project Definition, Implementation & Rollout

Digital transformation of your spare parts processes can yield huge benefits for your business. However, successful implementation of such a significant change can be challenging, fraught with pitfalls that can impede the success of the transformation. Negative impacts of a bad implementation can include reduced return on investment, a failed project and upset customers as a process intended to make their life easier in fact puts roadblocks between them and their parts.

Leveraging over 25 years of experience in spare parts operations, technical publishing and CAD digitalisation processes, we have created the CADshare Digital Transformation Process to take your organisation on a transformational journey that ensures you maximise your return on investment and achieve the expected outcomes of the project.

Maximising ROI and Operational Support

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If you still have questions about CADshare, or simply fancy a chat with a human about how it might work for your business, send us your details and we’ll give you a call at a time that suits you.

What We Do

CADshare was created to support margin-rich aftermarket business processes. For manufacturing companies, the process of building and distributing 3D parts information has often been an arduous and time-consuming process.

Our platform creates a huge parts and aftermarket opportunity. The company was built on the idea that parts information relating to complex capital equipment should be made available in a highly user-friendly way – harnessing the power of the cloud.

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