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NEW in CADshare: upload videos, new languages, streamlined ordering – and much more.

We’re really excited to announce several new feature suites, making CADshare easier to use and more functional, both for our manufacturing customers, and their customers who use the platform to buy from them.

Speaking your language

Until now, CADshare has only been available in English on the manufacturer side. Our latest improvement sees the CADshare user interface in its entirety translated into French and German, bringing it in line with the language options available on the dealer and customer UIs.

We’re already getting great feedback about how much easier it is for non-English speaking clients to use the updated UI. If you’re a CADshare user, do let us know what you think about this change, and what languages would make it even easier for you to use. We are committed to continuous improvement, and your feedback helps us to do that.

Bringing you closer to your customers

CADshare was built upon the idea of making the parts-buying process quicker, easier and more accurate.

As game-changing as automation is, true digital transformation is about enhancing human communication, not replacing it. That’s why CADshare is dedicated to giving manufacturers the ability to create their own tailor-made online customer service portals – all the more important as the world adjusts to doing business in a pandemic.

Our new customer comments feature allows a manufacturer’s customer to add comments both to the parts they are ordering – e.g. do they need a special tool to fit it? – and to the overall order – e.g. questions about shipping or taxes. This new feature combines the accuracy of our cloud-based tech with a direct line of communication to the aftermarket team – a simple but effective way to boost customer service and satisfaction.

CADshare customers can now harness the power of video to make technical information easier and more accessible to their customers. Using a YouTube or Vimeo link, manufacturers can create videos in the CADshare platform, and publish these as part of a manual. A short video can often replace pages and pages of instruction, so this is a powerful new tool which can be used for customer/dealer training and maintenance.

Finally, the new contact form means your customers don’t have to leave the platform if they have any questions, comments or requests. They can simply click on the new ‘Contact us’ link in their menu to drop you a line directly using a simple online form. This generates an email which is sent to the email address registered in the manufacturer’s ‘Admin’ section.

Selling parts just got even easier

For manufacturers of mass produced products, CADshare just became a lot more convenient! In a major upgrade to publishing processes, we no longer require serial numbers to get manuals online.

In the early days, CADshare used serial numbers to link users with machines, but subsequent revisions and improvements behind the scenes mean this is no longer necessary.

We’re greasing the wheels even further by allowing customers to search for and add products directly from their basket. Users often realise they’re missing something once they get to the basket, and this new feature means they can find and add the missing item(s) without navigating to a new page. Helping your customer find everything they need quickly boosts profitability and customer satisfaction for manufacturers.

On the manufacturer side, we’ve also streamlined order processing, allowing them to add items to a basket directly from the received order page. Together with the new comments feature, this comes in handy for manufacturers who realise the customer needs additional items or tools based on reading their comments or contact form query.

If you’re a CADshare user, we would love to know what you think of these latest updates, and to hear your ideas for any improvements, changes or brand new features you’d like to see. Get in touch with us here.

If you’re curious to see if CADshare could work for you, why not book a free demo? CADshare is a fully customisable platform that can grow with your business. For more detail, why not find out exactly ‘How It Works’.

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