CADshare has recently acquired funding from Invest NI to research and develop advanced data analytics capabilities that will yield actionable insights to users of its flagship Spare Part Identification and Ordering platform.

The objective for the project is to demonstrate the potential of surfacing actionable business insight to allow manufacturers to take pro-active measures to grow their aftermarket business. This will be done by expanding our captured data set and applying data analytics to provide our customers with key business and operational insight via a dashboard. As well as allowing them to make better business decisions based on information not easily obtainable elsewhere, advanced analytics will allow the OEMs to engage with their customers prior to a breakdown or maintenance event, moving from traditionally reactive processes fraught with risk and unhappy customers, to a predictive process allowing them to supply their spare parts in a timely manner and opening up the opportunity for new revenue streams by offering a managed parts supply service to their customers.

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund specifically through the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs programme.

15 November 2018 by