CADshare’s Philip Stanfield and Mark Nodder attended Busworld Brussels 20-22 Oct and met over 20 leading manufacturers to understand their challenges in selling parts to customers. What did we find out ?

  • Busworld is a global community of manufacturers gathered in one place with a culture of being open to ideas to help the industry.
  • Top tier manufacturers already have parts portals they’ve heavily invested in. But there was real interest both in how CADshare reduces the effort to create a parts book from weeks to hours, and how CADshare’s 3D experience simplifies part identification.
  • Many other manufacturers still have a phone and email approach to selling parts that is high cost and does not give the level of service customers demand today. So CADshare’s end to end workflow and 3D user experience got a lot of interest.
  • Manufacturers and Bus owners were interested in how CADshare’s planned analytics dashboard will give actionable information to maximise bus uptime.

CADshare is looking forward to helping Bus and Coach manufacturers differentiate their brands through an exceptional Aftermarket experience.

23 October 2019 by