Whatever your processes, CADshare incorprates a flexible and rich ordering system that fits in with how you want to do business.

Technical Publications

Pricing and payments to match how you do business

We understand that not every company interacts the same way with their customers. So we built an ordering engine that can be customised to suit your own needs and workflows.

Want to put your prices and stock levels on-line? No problem - CADshare can integrate with your other systems via our APls to pull live data in instantly, or you can upload directly via .csv file at an interval of your choosing.

Not interested in giving your customers the ability to order instantly? Our quotation work flow allows your customers to create enquiries, receive quotations and submit purchase orders all within the CADshare system.

Model tree showing various parts of a model that is being entered into the CADshare platform

Digital Part Identification and Ordering

Support both dealers and/or customers

With serial number driven parts data, your customers and dealers can easily access the parts data specific to the machine they need to maintain. And once they access it, finding and ordering their parts is such an intuitive experience, anyone can do it.

With a choice between fully dynamic 3D parts diagrams or static but interactive 2D views, the CADshare platform caters to all levels of technical ability. Accessible on PC or tablet, with full support for touch controls, navigation of complex products has never been easier.

Our orders dashboard allows you to track your sales and meet company targets

Order Management

Analytics to yield deep insights into your parts business.

By digitising your parts processes, you are creating data that can be analysed at scale to yield the sort of insights into your parts business not previously possible - giving you the opportunity to increase revenues and provide better service.

Understand what parts are being looked at but not ordered - maybe indicative of a pricing issue.

Which customers are active on the platform but not ordering significant numbers of parts -an ideal outbound sales opportunity?

Which customers are the most (and least) active - work out where to focus your efforts.

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