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More money from aftermarket and none of the faff with simple, accurate, digital parts ordering and delivery information.

Convenience and speed for your global customers. They can place orders whether you’re open or closed, and enjoy personalised tech support in remote sessions with your team – all within their own secure online portal. CADshare’s unique technology means we can build it and have it up and running in a matter of weeks.

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Business Leaders

More revenue, less waste, and happy customers: how digital differentiation can be both affordable and transformative for your company.

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CADshare for

Aftermarket Teams

Keep your customers and your team happy with a streamlined, central, easily updated system for parts, maintenance, repairs and customer support.

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CADshare for

Sales Teams

Secure brand loyalty, reputation and trust by offering a superb customer support experience. Efficient digital aftermarket support extends the lifetime and uptime of the products you sell.

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What our Customers say

Bernd Kirshner – Bergmann

It cuts shipping times and reduces mistakes. We don’t lose time on process and our clients don’t lose time with machines down.

Ryan Barker – CDE Global

The CADshare system is light years ahead. Our machinery is bespoke which made parts ordering difficult. CADshare is quicker and easier; we can ship the right part and cut out mistakes,

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Markus Gundersen – NTI

CADshare is the future. Stop trying to fix a process built in the 1970s – just build a better one. Reuse your data, let your customers order at a time that suits them and make sure they get the right part.

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