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How many times have you lost a sale because of your company’s bad reputation for aftersales? Being the best, most innovative product on the market means very little if your aftersales is stuck in the 1970s.

All those advantages and benefits you’re promoting mean very little if your customer knows they’ll struggle to get repairs or spare parts when they need them. Even if your company makes the best products in the world, if they’re just as well known for patchy customer support, that will kill your chances of making the sale.

Fast and accurate spare parts ordering and responsive support for repairs and maintenance are key selling points in today’s market.

Customer experience can clinch the deal

The sales game has changed over the years. It used to be enough to demonstrate the amazing things your product could do; why all its bells and whistles made it more powerful, more economical, easier to use and better value.

How often do customers ask you about maintenance packages? What to do if it breaks down? Where do they order spare parts? What are your guarantees against unplanned downtime?

If most of your purchaser objections centre on spare parts, repairs and maintenance, or customer support, it’s time for a rethink of aftermarket.

Customer experience post-sale is just as important as equipment features and performance. If you close sales based on product innovation, it no longer makes sense to present them with a phonebook-sized catalogue to trawl through for spare parts.

Imagine being able to tell customers that your innovative product is backed up by innovative aftersales support:An online portal they can access from any computer.
A searchable, always-up-to-date catalogue of spare parts and kits illustrated with 3D diagrams they can explore to identify the exact part they need by eye.
Remote customer support so they can speak directly to a human being without hanging on the phone or sending countless emails.
Shared web sessions so they can be shown how and where to find what they need in the system.

x% of our customers said aftersales was a key factor in their customer buying decisions. Prior experience of poor post-sales support, or a reputation for slow shipping or wrong parts can send a customer to your competitor.

A customer-centric digital platform for spare parts and real-time remote customer support is a tangible USP. Our customers report that x% of their positive online reviews focus post-sales support, including diagnostics, repair and maintenance, and/or availability and delivery times of spare parts.

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What our Customers say

Bernd Kirshner – Bergmann

It cuts shipping times and reduces mistakes. We don’t lose time on process and our clients don’t lose time with machines down.

Ryan Barker – CDE Global

The CADshare system is light years ahead. Our machinery is bespoke which made parts ordering difficult. CADshare is quicker and easier; we can ship the right part and cut out mistakes,

NTI logo
Markus Gundersen – NTI

CADshare is the future. Stop trying to fix a process built in the 1970s – just build a better one. Reuse your data, let your customers order at a time that suits them and make sure they get the right part.

Measurable competitive advantage

Good aftermarket service is key to galvanising customer loyalty in today’s market. Customers want machinery to last, so spare parts and post-sales service represent significant added value.

Buyer experience you can sell

We make it easy for your customers to identify the parts they need by sight. They can log in from their web browser, find the parts they need on a user-friendly visual interface, and either generate purchase orders or complete the sale and pay online – all with just a few clicks.

Remote customer support

Customers also value live tech support from human beings, and with CADshare they can have conversations with your staff within the platform. All the convenience of self-service automation, with specialised real-time support available when needed.


Fast, accurate, online parts orders

Remote customer support 24/7

Reliable, scaleable digital platform digital tech data, all in one place


Happy customers and fewer complaints

Increased productivity and job satisfaction for staff

Easy to set up and use

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If you’re curious to see what digital aftersales might look like in your business, why not try a quick free demo of CADshare’s suite of features. We’ll show you how it could fit with existing systems and processes, and you can explore your options.

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