The aim for this release was to give our users more control of how they manipulate and present 3D data to their customers. This has been achieved with the addition of selective explode, assembly locking, linked viewables and the ability to add a mini-BOM to any part. We have also made enhancements to the manipulation of 3D components and assemblies in the authoring environment.

Assembly Locking – Sometimes you only supply parts as part of a completed assembly. By locking an assembly in the model you can prevent the customer from selecting any component parts of that assembly, ensuring that only the assembly part number can be added to the basket. The locked assembly can also be moved as a complete assembly in the viewer, making manual creation even faster.

Selective Explode – following on from the locked assembly feature, this feature provides support for locked assemblies in our explode tool. Any locked assemblies will be exploded as a single item along with the other components in the model.

Mini-BOMS – You can now add a mini-BOM to any component/assembly in the model. When a customer selects that part in the viewer they will be presented with a list from which they can choose parts and add to their basket. This is a great feature to deal with parts which you might not have full 3D data for – e.g. assemblies bought in from 3rd party suppliers.

Linked Viewables – another feature designed to help with bought in assemblies, this allows you to link a component in the model to another viewable. A great example of this is a link to a pdf parts book that may have been supplied by the manufacturer of the sub-assembly – a common example we come across is for engines, or tracks on tracked equipment.

7 September 2018 by