Each of our releases contain a group of features focused on a single theme. This one is focused on maximising the average order size from your customers, achieved by adding the ability to suggest part kits, offer upgrade options and propose assemblies instead of single components.

Part Kits – Creating a kit allows you to group together parts that are commonly purchased at the same time. Obvious examples might include seal kits for hydraulic components or a fastener kit for components to ensure your customer orders any required nuts, bolts and washers to complete their maintenance job. Other applications include grouping parts that tend to have a similar lifecycle, for example after a specific number of running hours or operational cycles.

Options – when options are assigned to a part, your customer is presented with a choice when they select it in the viewer. This feature can be used to suggest upgrades to their current part (for example a different material) or offer different versions of the same parts (in different colours, for example). Options can also be used to handle serial breaks at the part level, asking the customer to choose the part number based on a range of serial numbers.

Purchasable assemblies – if a part is available individually or as a component in an assembly that can be supplied complete, this feature facilitates that in the viewer. If a relevant part is selected, the customer will receive a notification that the part is also available as an assembly and can view or add it to the basket.

15 November 2018 by