Provide a better spare parts service with less effort and cost. Author your digital and traditional technical publications, manage your orders and sell your parts online in one integrated system.

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Technical Publications

Remove the pain of authoring, maintaining and publishing spare parts manuals.

CADshare provides an integrated environment for authoring digital and traditional spare parts manuals making it easy to publish accurate and engaging publications that are easy to maintain.

With full support for kits, options, serial breaks and superceded parts you can be sure your customers get access to the right data every time via an intuitive and engaging ordering experience.

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Digital Part Identification and Ordering

Provide a great customer experience that differentiates you from your competitors.

Give your customers and dealers fast, secure access to their parts data and an experience that truly differentiates your customer service from the crowd.

Making it easy for them to identify and order the the right parts online allows you to reduce your delivery time and minimise downtime - improving your ability to sell more parts to them and gain a competitive edge in the next capital equipment purchase they make.

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Order Management

Manage your orders in one place

Having all your order information in one integrated system streamlines your processes and minimises errors. No more data lost in emails, phonecalls and spreadsheets - just simple and clear part ordering with everyone on the same page.

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