Create your digital and traditional parts books in the same environment, from the same data making them always accurate and easy to maintain.

Manufacture Viewable showing the model tree to enable the manufacturer to edit a model

Technical Publications

A comprehensive digital authoring suite for creating digital 3D and 2D catalogues and traditional printed parts books

Using your 3D CAD models as a baseline, the CADshare intuitive authoring environment allows anyone to create clear and accurate parts manuals without an expensive CAD license or CAD modelling skills, in much less time than before. Better books with less effort.

Easily move, hide and explode 3D objects to create detailed views of your equipment and easily maintain BOMs to make sure the data is always accurate and always up to date.

Download our guide – Sell more parts and capital equipment by making it easy for your customers to do business with you:

Manufacture Viewable showing the model tree to enable the manufacturer to edit a model

Digital Part Identification and Ordering

A depth of features to make sure your customer gets the right information

Assign a parts catalogue to a single serial number or range of serial numbers and publish to your customer to ensure they are always looking at the right manual.

Create options sets when there are different versions of the same part - for example different coatings or sizes, or for serial breaks for specific parts.

Build kits to maximise the basket size and help your customer get all the parts they need for maintenance of their equipment.

Allow parts to be bought individually or as part of a larger assembly. Link pdf parts books to modelled items for bought-in assemblies from your suppliers - e.g engines, gearboxes, motors, etc.

Customer Viewer allowing the end user to order parts from a PDF rather than a 3D model

Order Management

A flexible solution built to handle the nuances and complexity of your parts data.

Sometimes CAD data isn't 100% accurate. Our flexible data management system is built to handle anything thrown at it. Parts that aren't modelled in 3D, blocks that don't contain enough detail, or bought in assemblies for which you don't have full 3D models.

And with full support for pdf format on the digital platform you can manage your existing publications for older machines in the same system as your interactive digital manuals - so you don't need to run a seperate system for your legacy equipment.

And one system means your spare parts team can deal with orders more efficiently, getting parts out the door faster and with less errors.