Transforming the Aftermarket

CADshare puts parts at the centre of your aftermarket opportunity. We make the process of creating and sharing 3D parts information much easier.

Just some of the Manufacturers transforming their aftermarket with CADshare

“CADshare enables us to provide a world class service to our customers and maximise their plant efficiency.”

Tom Houston - Director, CustomCare at CDE

Unique digitisation solutions, configured to meet your needs.

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Create accurate and clear digital and traditional paper/pdf parts manuals in a single environment

Easily maintain your manuals to keep up with design changes and obsolete parts

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Provide your customers and dealers with interactive online access to accurate parts data and service information

Increase your average order value by offering kits and options for your spare parts and assemblies

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Manage enquiries, quotes and orders in the same place.

Speed up your identification and order processes while avoiding wrong orders

Integrate with ERP, MRP and CAD software for enhanced functionality.

Manufacturer viewer allowing you to upload model details

Technical Publications

Offering more than just fast and accurate authoring, CADshare is your single source of truth for parts data

Get spare parts to your customers faster by creating clear parts manuals with accurate data that is always up to date.

Publish Digital 3D and 2D manuals online and complement them with paper/pdf based traditional parts books using our streamlined authoring environment, all using the same data. So any updates you make will automatically replicate through to all your digital customers whilst those using traditional methods get a notification to update their records.

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Customer viewer allowing you to order spare parts quickly and easily

Digital Part Identification and Ordering

Providing a streamlined digital experience for better part identification and ordering

Making it easy for your customers to identify the parts they need will speed up your delivery time will keep them coming back for more. With the ability to add kits, options and even mini-BOMS for bought-in parts you can be sure that you are maximising the basket value while providing your customer with a great experience that will minimise their downtime and differentiate your customer service.

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Digital transformation meeting

Professional Services

A team of digitisation specialists supporting your digital transformation journey every step of the way

For any manufacturer considering a digital transformation journey it can be difficult to know where to start. Spare Parts processes in particular can be incredibly complex, with the need for accuracy, clarity and flexibility difficult to achieve.

Leveraging over 25 years of experience in spare parts operations, technical publishing and engineering data digitisation the CADshare Digital Transformation Process will take your organisation on a transformational journey that ensures you maximise your return on investment and achieve the expected outcomes of the project.

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