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Let’s add it up. How many hours in total do you and your staff spend per week trying to find out what part your customers needs, or figure out why their product isn’t working? How many phonecalls and emails? Peering at blurry photo attachments, thumbing through ancient files and searching forgotten corners of warehouses?

Product Description

Are you tired of dealing with the fallout when, after all that hard work, they still end up with wrong parts, missing components or unplanned downtime?

Imagine if your customer could get the right parts first time, every time. You and your staff could quickly and easily diagnose, troubleshoot and provide maintenance support without endless emails, dusty old manuals or smoke signals?

Simple to use, our one-stop digital platform brings you and your team a single, reliable source of truth for your products and their tech support.

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What our Customers say

Bernd Kirshner – Bergmann

It cuts shipping times and reduces mistakes. We don’t lose time on process and our clients don’t lose time with machines down.

Ryan Barker – CDE Global

The CADshare system is light years ahead. Our machinery is bespoke which made parts ordering difficult. CADshare is quicker and easier; we can ship the right part and cut out mistakes,

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Markus Gundersen – NTI

CADshare is the future. Stop trying to fix a process built in the 1970s – just build a better one. Reuse your data, let your customers order at a time that suits them and make sure they get the right part.

Reduce mistakes and delays

You’re under daily pressure to keep customers happy. You need to ship the right parts first time, and be responsive to support requests.

You could have happier customers and staff and slash parts delivery times by up to 85% by digitising and integrating spare parts ordering and customer support. CADshare uses your existing design data to create 2D and 3D online manuals, which you can use to author hard copies if needed. You wouldn’t have to hunt down ancient manuals, or cross your fingers hoping you still stock replacement bolts for that ten-year-old machine.

Maximise efficiency and productivity

Your customers’ technical data is always current and you can add updates any time. Changes you make automatically replicate through to all your digital customers, whilst those using traditional methods get a notification with the info needed to update their records.

You’ll find it easier and quicker to train up new staff. They no longer need to memorise reams of parts information or multiple data sources. Technical info is joined up, accurate, and stored in the cloud, accessible from any web browser, which allows employees to access it when working off-site.

Offer online sales and support

Online parts manuals allow customers to identify the parts they need by sight. They can log in from their web browser, use intuitive 3D images to identify the parts they need, and either generate purchase orders or complete the sale and pay online.

Staff are no longer tied up chasing orders, finding parts or fixing mistakes. Customers value the human touch, and with CADshare they can have live conversations with your staff within the platform. All the convenience of self-service automation, with specialised real-time support available when needed.


Fast, accurate, online parts orders

Remote customer support 24/7

Reliable, scaleable digital platform digital tech data, all in one place


Happy customers and fewer complaints

Increased productivity and job satisfaction for staff

Easy to set up and use

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If you’re curious to see what digital aftersales might look like in your business, why not try a quick free demo of CADshare’s suite of features. We’ll show you how it could fit with existing systems and processes, and you can explore your options.

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