Ensure a successful implementation with our support

Successful implementation of a digital transformation project can be challenging. Our team has 25 years of technical publications and digitisation experience to make sure you acheive your expected outcomes.

Technical Publications

Let us help you realise the value in Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation of your spare parts processes can yield huge benefits for your business. However, successful implementation of such a significant change can be challenging, fraught with pit falls that can impede the success of the transformation.

The CADshare Digital transformation process, supported by our experienced team, will ensure you maximise your return on investment and achieve the expected outcomes of your project.

Why self service is the future of spare parts business
CADshare team working to solve a customers needs

Not sure where to start?

We can help define what the digital transformation journey looks like for your organisation and clearly document a series of actionable steps required to successfully complete that journey. A Return on Investment case will also be built during thie study to allow you to understand and communicate the value that can be realised by the project.

Digital Part Identification and Ordering

We'll do your technical publications for you.

We're confident our software will make it easier than ever to create clear and accurate parts manuals in a fraction of the time it takes using any other software. But sometimes, your engineers are better focusing on other things, like new produce development..

So we will do your manuals for you. Leverage the experience in the CADshare team to create amazing parts publications in 2D and 3D that will make sure your customers get the right parts every time.

We will manage data upload and management, digital authoring and publishing to your customers and/or dealers.

Order Management

Power up your parts processes with software integrations

Add even more automation into your ordering processes by integrating our platform with your existing suite of engineering and business software.

CADshare is built with API's that provide a solid foundation to share data among your critical software applications and workflows. We can integrate with your CAD applications (to automate model preparation and upload to the platform for example), PLM systems (to monitor for engineering changes and automate manual or BOM updates for example) and ERP systems (to provide real-time stock and price data to your customers or internal users for example).

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