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Feature development in partnership with Autodesk

CADshare recently took part in the Autodesk Forge Accelerator in Rome, a week long intensive program that allowed our developers to prototype and develop key features to our spare parts platform with guidance from Autodesk engineers and to get early previews of what is coming next to the Forge platform.

Our developers are already recognised by Autodesk for pushing their platform in new and innovative directions – you can read about it here on their website – so the Autodesk guys are always excited to see what we’re up to. This trip we focused on our biggest upcoming project – a mobile Android app with offline synching built in to allow your customers to identify and order their parts wherever they are. We get that your machines aren’t always is places where you can guarantee internet access – be it at the bottom of a quarry, in a mine shaft or just out in the middle of the desert. With the android app, your customers can choose to access their parts manuals while offline so they can identify their parts by the machine and then sync the order when they get back to the office.

Our specific use-case again pushed the Forge platform to its limits, largely due to the incredibly complex data sets that we are dealing with and the additional functionality we have built on top of the core Forge technology. But Neil and Stephen where able to identify and prototype the critical aspects of the app with input from the Autodesk guys that will save us weeks in development time – a truly accelerated experience!

So, a successful participation that is already yielding dividends to our development roadmap. We’re looking forward to the next one, this time a little closer to home in Dublin. Roll on March!

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